Create a New Campaign

When inspiration strikes, and you're ready to start building your next tabletop roleplaying adventure, Obsidian Portal is the place to be. Creating a new campaign gives you an organized, yet flexible repository for everything you need to help run the game, and bring your setting and characters to life. Best of all, you're not alone in taking on the task of chronicling this epic tale. When you're ready, you can invite your players (see Invite a Player to a Campaign) so they can join in and start adding their contributions to the campaign site as well.
To create a new campaign:
  1. Access the “+ New” menu in the top-bar navigation.
  2. Click on “Campaign”
  3. Enter a Campaign Name in the dialog window.
  4. Click the “Create Campaign” button.
After clicking to create the campaign, you will be taken to the new campaign’s dashboard. As the creator of the campaign, you will be given the role of GameMaster or "GM", and can now begin configuring your campaign site.

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