Reply to a Private Message

More often than not, receipt of a private message on Obsidian Portal is the beginning of a conversation. While you could compose a new private message to the user who messaged you (see Compose a New Private Message), it's a better practice to reply to the message you received. Doing so keeps the back and forth of the conversation contained to a single inbox item, and enables both you and the other user to reference what was previously written without having to copy it from another inbox item and paste it in the new message.
To reply to a private message:
  1. Navigate to your private message inbox.
  2. Open the private message to be replied to.
  3. Click the "Reply" link.
  4. Enter your response in the message input field.
  5. Click the "Send Message" button.
Note: When replying to another user's private message, their previous message will be written into your outgoing message underneath a heading indicating the user who wrote the material. The subject of the reply message will also be preceded with "Re: " indicating that the message is a response. This will be true multiple times for each message of a message chain.

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