Handling a Friend Request

When another user wishes to be your friend on Obsidian Portal, they send you a Friend Request (see Sending a Friend Request). This request will appear as a notification on the messages icon on your main navigation when logged in (similar to how a private message does; see Viewing a New Private Message). Additionally, an email containing links to accept or deny the Friend Request will be sent to the email address associated with your account. At this point, you've got a decision to make, and a potential friend waiting on your response.
To handle a friend request:
  1. Click the message icon on the top bar navigation.
  2. Locate the "FRIEND REQUEST" inbox item.
  3. Click the button corresponding to your choice ("Accept" or "Decline").
  4. Click "Okay" in the confirmation dialog box.
Once you have confirmed your choice the inbox item pertaining to the Friend Request will be removed. If you chose to accept the request, you will be added to the "Friends" list of the user who sent it, and they will be added to your "Friends" list as well (see Viewing Your Friends List).

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