What new features do I get with an Ascendant membership?

Every GM wants their campaign to stand out from the pack; to be the best that it can be - and who can blame them. Running a campaign is a ton of work! With Obsidian Portal, it's easy to elevate your campaign. There's adventure logs, character sheets, file storage, a fully customizable wiki, and more - all at your fingertips. But why stop there, when you can take the next step and Ascend?!
There are a ton of great new features unlocked by an Ascendant membership. First and foremost, you get more. More campaigns, more storage space, more maps, more everything. Next comes the new stuff. Player secrets, version history for your pages, - with options to view, compare and store - privacy settings, custom CSS, promoting of players to co-GM, campaign forums for sideline discussions, a campaign calendar to keep everyone on the same schedule. And that's still not everything you get as an Ascendant member!
For a complete breakdown of all the features, and pricing, visit our plans page.

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