"What Links Here" Backlinks Section

A section at the bottom of Wiki Pages, Adventure Logs, Characters, and Items that shows the other pages that link to this page, aka backlinks.

Only links created with the double square brackets (for example [[WikiPage Title]]) are shown. Textile style links (for example "link text":url) and standard HTML links (for example "<a href=") are not shown. Links in Campaign Forums, Campaign Calendar Events, and Map Markers are also not shown.

Links are only shown if the logged in account could see that link on the linking page. For example, if there is a note in the GM Only section of Darth Vader's page that says he is Luke's father with a link to Luke's page, the "What Links Here" section of Luke's page would only show a link from Darth Vader's page to the GM, and not to any of the Players.

To enable this feature on a Campaign, go to the Campaign Settings Advanced tab, and check the 'Show "What Links Here" backlinks section' and Save.

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