Delete a Forum Post

Not every post that's added to a topic on your Obsidian Portal campaign forum (see Reply to a Forum Topic) will - or needs to - last forever. If a post is no longer required, or has no reason to be saved, then deleting it is certainly a viable option. Doing so can help to keep the topic easier to read and navigate by removing any excess, unnecessary or off-topic material.
To delete a forum post:
  1. Navigate to the dashboard of the campaign containing the thread you wish to delete a post from.
  2. Click the "Forum" tab.
  3. Navigate to the topic containing the post to be deleted via the subforum and topics listing.
  4. Click the edit icon associated with the post to be deleted.
  5. Click the red "Delete Post" button.
  6. Click the "Delete Post" button in the confirmation modal.
After confirming that you wish to delete the post, it will be removed from the associated topic and you will be redirected to the topic's initial post. A brief notification will indicate that "The post has been deleted." A forum post may be deleted by the user who posted it, the campaign's GM, and any users who have been promoted to Co-GM (see Promote a Player to Co-GM).
Note: If the post to be deleted is one of the two latest forum posts, or is contained within the topic of one of the latest two responses, you can reach the topic without first visiting the "Forum" tab via the Forum section on the campaign dashboard. A post that is deleted cannot be recovered.

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