Reply to a Forum Topic

Topics on your Obsidian Portal campaign's forum are made up of posts added to them by various users who are participating in the campaign. As one of those users, you may add responses to any of these topics that you wish to engage in - including ones that you created (see Create a Forum Topic). Once you have replied to a post, your response post will remain in its associated topic indefinitely - unless you or the GM delete the post (see Delete a Forum Post), or the entire topic is deleted (see Delete a Forum Topic).
To reply to a forum topic:
  1. Navigate to the dashboard of the campaign you wish to reply to a forum topic on.
  2. Click the "Forum" tab.
  3. Navigate to the topic you wish to add a response post to via the subforum and topics listing.
  4. Enter your response in the "Reply" input field at the bottom of the topic.
  5. Check email checkboxes to configure your desired email notification settings.
  6. Click the "Reply" button.
Upon clicking to reply, the page will update the display to show the topic with your new response added to the end. Notification emails about the post will be dispatched based on the checked or unchecked status of each users' associated checkbox, and will contain links to view the post in a browser window. The post (and an associated button to reply) will also be shown on the Forum section of the campaign's dashboard. This setup will persist until the new post is pushed off the section by newer posts. An existing forum post may be edited (see Edit a Forum Post) by the user who posted it, the campaign's GM, and any users who have been promoted to Co-GM (see Promote a Player to Co-GM).
Note: If the post to be replied to is one of the two newest posts on the campaign forums, you may read and reply to it without having to visit the "Forums" tab.

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