Promote a Player to Co-GM

One of the great features unlocked by an Ascendant membership subscription (see Upgrade an Account to Ascendant) is the ability to promote users from the role of "Player" to the role of "Co-GM". This capability matches many real world roleplaying situations where there isn't a single individual running a campaign, or where there are assistants to the primary GM. For the purposes of an Obsidian Portal campaign, a Co-GM has access to nearly all of the same functions as the GM, with a few notable exceptions - such as deleting the campaign (see Delete a Campaign).
To promote a player to co-GM:
  1. Navigate to the dashboard of the chosen campaign.
  2. Click on the "Settings" tab.
  3. Click on the "Players" section header.
  4. Locate the appropriate player under the "Players" heading.
  5. Click the "Promote to co-GM" button.
Once you have followed the steps above, a notification will appear across the top of your screen indicating that the player in question has been "Upgraded to co-GM". Given the tremendous amount of power granted with elevation to the role of Co-GM, it is highly advised that you only grant it to trusted individuals. It is also strongly recommended that you routinely use the campaign backup feature to download a backup copy of your campaign's data - in order to avoid unmitigated losses (see Download a Campaign Backup).

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