Delete an Event

Not every game session that gets planned actually gets played. Schedules might conflict; the weather might refuse to cooperate; perhaps that highly anticipated blockbuster hits theaters on game night and everyone agrees to go see the movie instead. In such cases, a campaign calendar event that had been created (see Create an Event) might suddenly become unnecessary - and a prime candidate for deletion.
To delete an event:
  1. Navigate to the dashboard of the campaign you wish to delete an event from.
  2. Click the "Calendar" tab.
  3. Locate the event to be deleted on the calendar interface.
  4. Click the event to be deleted to view its details.
  5. Click the edit icon.
  6. Click the red "Delete Event" button.
  7. Click the "Delete [Event Name]" button in the confirmation modal.
After confirming your desire to delete, the event will be removed from the campaign's calendar and you will be redirected to the "Calendar" tab. A brief notification will indicate that "Your event has been deleted."
Note: If the event you wish to delete is the nearest upcoming event chronologically, you can click the edit icon for it from the dashboard without needing to visit the "Calendar" tab. An event that is deleted cannot be recovered.

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