Google Analytics for your campaign

We've added support for Google Analytics(GA) tracking for your campaigns. This will allow you to see how many people visit your campaign, which pages are the most popular, where people are coming from, and all kinds of other statistics.

It's an advanced topic, and mainly for fun, so if you're scratching your head, then just skip it and don't worry. Connecting with GA is totally unrelated to running your Obsidian Portal campaign.

Create your Google Analytics account

If you don't have a GA account, you'll need to sign up for one first. The easiest way is to go to and follow the instructions there.

Get the tracking code

Obsidian Portal needs a small code that identifies your GA account (called the "tracking code"). It looks like "UA-XXXXXXX-X" and can be a little tough to find on the GA signup pages. The video below shows how to get it. I apologize for the poor quality. Video editing isn't my best skill.

Input the tracking code

Paste the tracking code into the field on the 'Edit Campaign' form. Save and you're done!It can take up to 48 hours for data to start showing up. If it's not getting anything by then, it could be that you mis-typed the code. We don't do any error checking on the code, so you need to paste it exactly right.

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