Deleting and Trashing Private Messages

Just like with any other messaging system or platform, you may not wish to keep every private message you send or receive on Obsidian Portal. Messages can lose relevance over time, and they can build up to the point where you have a cluttered mess on your hands - making finding a specific desired message difficult. When a message is deleted from your inbox, it is moved to the trash bin. You can still view and reply to messages that are located in the trash bin (see Reply to a Private Message), however, once they are deleted from the trash bin, they are gone permanently.
To delete or trash a private message:
  1. Navigate to your private message inbox (or "Sent" link outbox).
  2. Check the checkbox associated with the message(s) to be deleted.
  3. Click the "Delete" button.
Note: Messages deleted from the Outbox (the "Sent" link) are not moved to the trash bin, but are instead deleted permanently. To permanently delete a message from the inbox, it must be deleted twice - once from the inbox and once from the trash bin.

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