Configuring Email Contact Settings

When working collaboratively with others, it's important to do your part in staying up to date on what's being done. Obsidian Portal gives you two primary methods for doing this: the campaign's Stream, and your Email Contact Settings. These settings are located inside your user profile, and let you tell the site under what conditions you'd like to be notified regarding changes or updates to campaigns that you are the GM of, or are participating in.
To configure your email contact settings:
  1. Navigate to your user profile page.
  2. Click the “Edit Your Profile” link.
  3. Locate the "Email Contact Settings" check boxes.
  4. Select the desired notification options.
  5. Click the "Save" button.
Note: Configuring your Email Contact Settings does not automatically dispatch email notifications of changes. Instead, it defaults your username's checkbox as "checked" in the "Email Notifications" section of pages being edited or created for campaigns where Email Notifications are enabled. Sending Email Notifications is an Ascendant level feature (see Sending Email Notifications).

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