What happens to my Ascendant features if I downgrade my account?

No one is made of money, and as such, it's understandable that there may come a day when a given user can't afford to put their cash toward leisurely pursuits such as Obsidian Portal. In tough times like that, no one wants to lose more than they have to, and that same sense of preservation extends across the board. With respects to your Obsidian Portal account, you might wonder about specifics if you're forced to downgrade. Do you lose access to campaigns beyond the two that are permitted to Basic accounts? What about your excess files? Or those additional campaign maps? What about your custom CSS?
The answer to all of these questions is: "Nothing changes."
If you have to downgrade, your work doesn't get taken from you. Your maps and your files are safe. Your custom CSS and your campaigns stay in place. The difference is that now you're operating on the restrictions of a Basic account. Whatever settings your custom CSS had, that's where it's staying. If you'd like to create a new campaign, you'll have to make room on your account by removing others until you're under the Basic account campaign limit. If you need to upload a file, you'll have to remove other files until you're under the Basic account file storage limit. Long story short, your work is protected, but you're not doing anything new if it goes into Ascendant "territory".

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