Who can see my campaign?

Particularly when you're first getting started, it's natural to wonder who has the ability to see what you're working on - whether in a positive sense ("Can all of my social media followers see my campaign?") or a negative one ("Can my players view this page while I'm still building it and spoil the campaign?"). For this reason, it's important to ensure that you know where your campaign lies in terms of the Privacy settings.
Obsidian Portal offers three basic privacy configurations, as outlined below:
  • Public - Viewable by anyone on the internet who knows where to look. This is the default option for campaigns, and in the case of Basic accounts, the only option.
  • Friends Only - Viewable by you, the campaign's players and anyone on your Obsidian Portal friends list. This is an Ascendant member option.
  • Private - Viewable by you and the campaign's players only. This is an Ascendant member option.

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