Sending a Friend Request

Just like with any other community, the more you participate, share and discuss, the more likely you are to make acquaintances - and eventually, friends. Having individuals on your account's "Friends" list enables you to easily keep in touch, and follow the campaigns they are involved in. On Obsidian Portal, the process of adding a user as a friend starts with you sending them a friend request.
To send a friend request:
  1. Navigate to your desired friend’s profile page.
  2. Click the “Friend Request” button beneath their avatar image.
  3. Click “Okay” in the confirmation window.
Confirming that you wish to be a user’s friend will send them a notification, and provide them with the opportunity to accept or decline your friend request (see Handling a Friend Request). Users who accept your request will be added to your "Friends" list, and will have you added to theirs. This mutual "Friends" status will remain in effect until one side breaks the friendship by removing the other as a friend (see Removing a User from Your Friends List). A user who removes you from their "Friends" list will also be removed from yours.

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