View Campaign Comments

Campaigns on Obsidian Portal offer the opportunity for users that can view them to leave comments. How many, and which users can do this depends on the visibility settings set by the campaign's GM (see Setting Campaign Visibility), but ranges from only the GM to all users on the site. This can be extremely helpful in giving and getting feedback on your and other users' campaign sites - and can lead to discussions that push campaign site design in new directions that might not have otherwise been considered. A campaign's comments are available from the Home Page via the "Comments" link in the secondary column.
To view campaign comments:
  1. Navigate to the Home Page of the chosen campaign.
  2. Click the "Comments" link in the secondary column of the interface.
Note: The number of comments that have been left on the campaign in question will appear above the "Comments" link in the secondary column. Clicking the number or the word "Comments" will open a modal window with a scrolling list of the comments that have been left. Below this list will be an interface to leave a new comment (see Post a Campaign Comment).

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