Respond to an Event

Letting the sender of an invitation know if you will be attending their event or not - more commonly known as RSVP'ing - is a staple of etiquette, and enables them to be prepared for your presence (or lack thereof). With respects to an Obsidian Portal campaign, giving your group advance notice of your availability helps keep the campaign on track. The GM is able to maintain the narrative and adjust encounters - and your fellow players can decide if they need to modify their tactics during the upcoming session.
To respond to an event:
  1. Navigate to the dashboard of the campaign containing the calendar event you wish to respond to.
  2. Click the "Calendar" tab.
  3. Locate the desired event on the calendar interface.
  4. Click the desired event to view its details.
  5. Click on the button corresponding to your response ("Going" or "Not Going").
Clicking on the "Going" or "Not Going" button will move your user avatar from the "No Response" listing to the listing associated with the button you clicked, and update the RSVP counts accordingly. Any future reminders sent for that event (see Send an Event Reminder) will list you under the heading based on your current RSVP status. You may change your decision at any time using the "Going" and "Not Going" buttons, but you cannot return to the "No Response" section of the RSVP listing once you have responded.

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