Why don't I see the option to use fillable character sheets on my campaign?

If you are not seeing the Dynamic Sheet Template (DST) selection drop down on the character creation/edit screen, this is due to one of the following reasons:

#1 - The game system for the campaign has not been set.

Each Dynamic Sheet Template (DST) is created for a specific game system, and will only be displayed for campaigns whose game system matches that of the DST. This prevents users from having to scroll through DSTs from other game systems to find the ones for the system that they are using. However, this also means that if the campaign's game system is not set, then no DSTs will be displayed.

To Solve: Set the campaign's game system in the Basic Settings.

#2 - There are currently no approved DSTs for the chosen game system.

The collection of DSTs available on Obsidian Portal are created by users and are available for public use once they have been reviewed and approved. Prior to approval, DSTs are only able to be viewed by the author, and site administrators. This process ensures that all of the DSTs on the site are in good working order, but may mean that some newer or more obscure game systems don't yet have a DST that has been approved for public use.

To Solve: Consider authoring a DST yourself.

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