Printing Character Sheets

This piece comes from one of our awesome users "Old1" about printing dynamic character sheets. We hope this helps those of you looking to use Obsidian Portal to print your characters!

Printing a dynamic character sheet in OP is actually pretty easy and free, as long as you are using Google Chrome. You will be able to retain all of the original formatting and pics from your character.

Go to AND search for Google Screen Capture, a free program. Download the program.
A little, blue screen capture icon will appear next to the little wrench on the upper right corner of the Chrome browser. Open your dynamic character sheet and click on the Google Screen Capture Icon.
Click on "capture page region." You will need to play around with this a bit and make sure you only capture enough of your character sheet that will print comfortably on one side. Once you are happy click ok and then click on print (icon on right) and print as pdf.
If you Character sheet is multiple pages just print the other pages as separate screen captures.