Internal links or direct links to a specific part of a page

Our wiki linking system (where you put double brackets around things, like so [[Link Here]]) doesn't yet support linking directly to a sub-section of a page. Maybe someday.

However, it's possible to make such links using Textile or HTML. Note: If you're completely unfamiliar with HTML, this will probably require some learning.

It simply requires 2 parts: A target with an ID, and a link to that target.

Target with name
On the page you wish to link to, you'll need to place a target. The easiest way is to make an empty <div> with a name, like so:

<a name='target1'></a>

(Note: This may not work with all browsers.)

Every place you want to link to in the page will need a different name.

Link to Target
To link to that spot in the page, find the URL for the page (just copy it directly out of the browser address bar when you're on the page), then create a link with the target name in it, like so:

<a href="">Link Text Here</a>

You can also use a normal Textile link:

"Link Text Here":