Can't Log In with Facebook

Facebook regularly changes things on their end, breaking our login system. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please realize that it's not really our fault. Facebook doesn't give much warning, and they don't notify us directly. Instead, we're supposed to just follow their developer announcement blog. Contrast this to Google and Twitter who have never made a change that broke our login.

Of course, right now you don't care about that, you just want to log in...

First things first, please continue submitting your support request so that we know there is a problem with Facebook that we need to look into.

After that, you can go to our password reset page and reset your password. Enter your email address and you will receive a new password via email. This will allow you to login normally (in other words, not using Facebook) using your username and password.

Usually we get the issues with Facebook sorted out in a day or so, and you'll be able to log in normally with Facebook after that.